Today is a good day to not die, but ogle this wonderful Worf figure!

It's been quite a while since Diamond Select has given us a new Star Trek goodie to admire, but the day has come - and even better, it's a figure of everyone's favourite Klingon, Worf.

Although as with DST's usual output, this 7" figure is more of a plastic statue than it is an 'action' figure, Worf - depicted in his old Lieutenant days from The Next Generation - comes with a bunch of different arms and hands so you can pose him wielding a phaser, a phaser rifle or his trusty Bat'leth. The moddable bits don't even stop there either, considering that when he was at NYCC DST also showed that he even comes with an alternate hairpiece to recreate his fabulously floofy hairstyle from the middle of TNG's run:


Image via Toy News International

I'm just sad it's not DS9 Worf, but still, it's pretty snazzy. He even comes with a fancy Klingon-themed stand for you to put him on, too!

DST's Worf will be out in March of next year, and will set you back $25 for the honor of having a little Klingon on your desk. Qapla'!

[Toy News I]

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