Today Is the 50th Anniversary of the First Beatles Single

John and Paul hated it, and Ringo didn't even play drums in it, but this was the song that jumpstarted one of the most influential bands in modern music. Today is the 50th anniversary of Love Me Do, the first single by The Beatles.

Ringo didn't play in the recording because producer George Martin, the fifth Beatle, thought he sucked. He used Andy White instead, a session musician named who was also Chuck Berry's drummer at one point.


Paul composed most of it at age 16 and John added some to it too, and they were right to hate it. It isn't a very good song (although it has a nostalgic charm now), just an imitation of the Everly Brothers. It didn't even make number one in the charts. Just 17.

But whatever. It was the first song of a band that changed everything and keep doing it for years, reinventing itself constantly. And it's fun, so beat it. [iTunes]

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