Today marks the first day of service for Denver's brand new downtown bus and rail concourse built in front of the old Beaux Arts Union Station. The concourse officially opened to public view on Friday in a ceremony featuring U.S. Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx. Designed by SOM, the station is part of a much larger plan to develop what the architects call "an urban transit district that orchestrates light rail, commuter and intercity rail, bicycle and bus routes, and pedestrian pathways." [SOM]


All photos ©Robert Polidori, used with permission of SOM.


Chip Skylark of Space

They added a huge cinema to a mall in Roseville, Minnesota. Rather then extend the meme of a modern American shopping mall (throw roof over it), the architects, a firm from southern California, decided that this would be a great place for an outside wing of the mall. Combining that with an open lobby and slippery marble floors, and the first three years of the new theater was just a joy to visit. Yeah, architects.