Today's Best Music News Is About Songs That Came Out in the 1970s

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George Harrison or Stevie Wonder? It was a total toss-up who would win tonight's coveted Soundtrack spot. The former's got a new box set coming out, which made me all kinds of misty eyed for the (best) Beatle; the latter just announced an upcoming tour where he'll play the entirety of Songs in the Key of Life. Who will take the top honor??

Well, after some pretty heated deliberations—in my head and on my record player—it's been decided: We've got a tie. These fellas are both the best, so this eve we celebrate the pair of 'em.


Here's a bit more about The Apple Years: 1968-1975, which will be released later this month. Even after jamming with the biggest band on the planet, George produced an incredible catalog of beautiful solo stuff. I'm a softie for some of his later stuff—Cloud Nine is a forever fave, and Brainwashed his final studio album, is beautiful and under-appreciated—but it's tough to pick a favorite track.

This is one of my (many) contenders:

And then there's Stevie. Stevie! Steeeeeeevie. I'm just going to go ahead and cue up "Sir Duke" while you check whether one of his 11 scheduled November and December dates is anywhere near you:

And now I'll leave you with a crossover cover for the ages that never, ever fails to lift spirits sky high. Have a good one, friendos.

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