Today's Fresh Hell Brings Us a Spotify Podcast From Mark Zuckerberg

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Photo: Francois Mori (AP)

Because each new day delivers an increasingly unbelievable spin on reality, I’m here to report that Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg now has his very own podcast—one in which he will be “hosting discussions on the future of tech and society.” Feel free to take a deep breath before reading on.


Facebook announced this news on Twitter (yes, you read that correctly), sharing a link to the Spotify landing page for Tech & Society with Mark Zuckerberg. You may remember the Facebook partnership with Spotify that gave the latter the ability to read users’ private messages as just one of the seemingly endless string of privacy and other scandals that highlight the numerous ways Facebook continues to be a stain on society—but haha! Whatever right? Back to the podcast news.

So far Zuckerberg’s podcast has two episodes available for streaming, one titled “On technology and law” and the other titled “On journalism, privacy and regulation,” three issues that Zuckerberg should, in theory, know intimately by way of being constantly reminded that he’s fucked them up to a nearly inconceivable scale—so much so, in fact, that even he agrees his company should be regulated.

All of that aside, if you’re planning to hear any new insight from the man whose company may be responsible for slowly eroding democracy, think again! These podcast episodes are reruns, baby—recycled material! In fact, if you would like to watch a video of either of the discussions featured on Zuckerberg’s podcast—one with Harvard Law School professor Jonathan Zittrain and the other with Axel Springer chief executive Mathias Döpfner—you can do so here and here. But we’re sure the podcast format will allow a wider, on-the-go audience to meaningfully engage with Zuck’s content.

We definitely do not need another tech executive waxing philosophical on how to fix the problems that arise almost exclusively because their company exists. That said, if there’s a single topic of interest that I think we can all agree would be a surefire homerun on this newly minted Zuckerberg podcast, it’s goat murder.



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