Toilet Paper Shovel Provides Easy Outdoor Relief

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With his radical new simple toilet design, Alejandro Bona has single-handedly made pooping outdoors cool again.

Consisting of little more than a toilet paper dispenser attached to a shovel, this all but destined for a Hammacher Schlemmer catalog design allows you to:

  1. 1. Go outside
  2. 2. Dig a hole
  3. 3. Poop
  4. 4. Wipe
  5. 5. Bury
  6. 6. Win

And no longer will dogs have all the fun when it comes to defecating on someone's lawn. However, the portable toilet paper caddy seen in the pic is, well, pretty worthless. Unless you're in the habit of wandering campsites distributing TP to those in need like some kind of potty medic. Then it works. [FDeco via Crib Candy]