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Toilet Vacuum Sucks Up All the Crap on Your Desk

Illustration for article titled Toilet Vacuum Sucks Up All the Crap on Your Desk

It's a mini tabletop vacuum that's shaped like a toilet. Yep, that's pretty much it. Except! There is a large piece of shit floating in it when you lift the lid. And that's what makes it worth posting, really. It's $14 priceless for the next time your mom drops by your disgusting living space. [Smutty Gifts (Probably NSFW) via Nerd Approved]

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See this is what happens when outsourcing hits and the economy goes down. So many engineers with WAY to much times on their hands so they finally get a patent on that "idea for the coolest gadget ever" that they have had stashed on a cocktail napkin for years.

Get back to work guys.

PS-this is sort of cute in a sick potty humor kinda way; perfect "gag" gift.