Tokyoflash Retrofit Watch: Looks Like The Future

When the writers of Gizmodo aren't diving into our Duck Talesesque sea of gold, we "spend" it. And we say "spend" because it's basically just throwing our money away on random items that offer us a really enjoyable week of just checking them out - before they are placed on our shelf and forgotten about until we move or die or something.

The Tokyoflash Retrofit watch is the perfect fling item. It features an angled green or red LED matrix display that animates when you toggle between time and date. Other features: it tells the time and looks cool. That's what it does. The watch comes in expensive names like Cylon Silver, Galactic Gold and will set you back $127.79. But we ask you, what's more important in life? Money, or temporary delusions of self-worth?


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