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Tom Hanks Is Totally Up for Wooing Channing Tatum in the Splash Remake

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

We would totally watch this movie. And it would not matter to us whether it was because Tom Hanks’ original movie character Allen Bauer has fallen for Channing Tatum’s new mer-person because he is so beautiful or because he’s left his first aquatic romantic partner, Madison, as a result of finding out he never loved her—only her fin.

Asked by the Associated Press if he would be willing to be in the new Splash Hanks responded in his typically game and jovial way:

No one asked me! I’m all in favor of it. Why not? That’s fine! I figure if they were really going to be bold, I would come back as Allen Bauer, and I would go off with Channing Tatum. That would be a bold movie, and I am suggesting it right now. Put THAT on your AP wire.


We endorse this move wholeheartedly. Actually, could they just remake this film as a character study of a man realizing his fetish for human/fish hybrids? Maybe a taut psychological thriller starring Hanks as Allen, Darryl Hannah as the wronged wife, and Tatum as the new obsession?

Ugh, now I can’t even just have the uncomplicated joy of Channing Tatum as a merman because I will know that there’s a better version of the movie somewhere out there.


Here’s the video (despite the lack of a still, you can still play it). Note that Ron Howard says he’s involved, but it’s undetermined just how involved he’ll be:

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