Toobin Caught Checking Facebook on CNN During Debate

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During the last debate, we caught CNN analyst Jeffrey Toobin watching a live feed of playoff baseball while on the air on his laptop. Tonight's debate? Facebook. Either he's messing with us (are you messing with us, Toobs?), or he's really good at multitasking and really bad at being discreet. Either way, that's some fine reporting. Also: I just added him as friend on Facebook. Approve my friend request, Toobs! Update: We're officially Facebook friends, and he explained himself via a Facebook message:

"I am clearly a recidivist in this area. I figure as long as I stay away from porn, I can keep my job."


I like this guy. [David Cho]

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Or he could've been chatting away bugging people in AOL chat rooms while the boss is having a mini conference standing in your office. not that I've ever done such a thing.