Top 10 Apple Flops

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What!? No, say it isn't so, but it is. Apple did produce a lot of crap and newlaunches was kind enough to pile all of that Apple crap together for one craptacular list. Most of the items consisted of some of Apple's older software flops such as Cyberdog, Taligent, and EWorld.


I don't quite agree with the list because the newest item is the Motorola ROKR from 2005, but I am sure that some of the Apple peripherals like the Mighty Mouse deserve to be on this list. The Apple Hi-Fi iPod speaker system was one hell of a flop, also. And soon to be on the list of Apple flops, the iPhone! Bring it on, fanboys!

Top 10 Apple products which flopped [newlaunches]



There is no way in hell that the Newton should be on the list. While the original newton had handwriting issues, and the thing was expensive, the Newton 2000 enjoyed a massive upswing in popularity, just before Steve Jobs killed the whole division.

The reason he did that? The newton was John Sculley's baby... his pet project. Killing the Newton was the business equivalent of kicking Sculley in the crotch. Steve was even known to have thrown a few of them against the wall in anger once when a product leaked, calling them "Damned scribble toys!"

The Newton MessagePad MP2100 was, and still remains, the best PDA ever created. All I've ever wanted was that device with a phone built in. Maybe it's coming in June.