Mighty Mouse Really Sucks

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I'm about ready to drop Apple's Mighty Mouse into a bucket of water and then put a brick on top of it because it's absolutely useless. Now the scroll ball is busted and it's been still giving me flaky button problems.




The Mighty Mouse is a flawed design, but if you want to get some extra mileage out of it, and I know I do, you will eventually have to disassemble it down to the scroll device and clean it. It can be done, fueled by a determination not to be beaten by the forces of darkness that now reign at Apple's hardware division.

The Mighty Mouse is not meant to be disassembled. Do it! Break the ring at the bottom and toss it away. Follow the disassembly instructions elsewhere on the web. Clean, reassemble and put a dab of Loktite on the cable gland to keep it in place.