Top 5 Painless TiVo Mods for Mortals

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If you're a TiVo jockey and want to get in on the TiVo hack-o-rama—but you're not a hacker—you might want to take a look at the top five TiVo hacks from our buddy Dave Zatz.


Top of the list is that 30-second skip function, where TiVo slyly hides a capability that can only be activated with a certain combination of key presses (Select, Play, Select, 3, 0, Select while you're playing a recording), thus avoiding lawsuits but retaining one of the box's best functions. Once you've entered this combination, you can blast through commercial breaks with a few presses of the ->| button. It's is the lowest effort/highest return hack on the list.

There's more!

Zatz also explains how you can expand your TiVo's storage (a bit more difficult than the other hacks), transfer video to TiVo (which, alas, is not possible with our Series3 HD TiVo), removing TiVoToGo DRM (also not possible on the Series3 yet), and streaming music over your home network.

This is a useful list for those who aren't comfortable performing major surgery but are beyond wearing TiVo ears on a blind date.

Top 5 TiVo Hacks (for non-hackers) [Zatz Not Funny]



The first two hacks on the list will work on an Tivo. The last three require a either a Series 2 or a Series 3, depending on the hack.

The 30-second skip is not really a hack so much as a hidden feature. The article doesn't mention that you have to re-enter the code every time your Tivo is rebooted.