Top Five Strangest Uses for a MacBook [Pro]

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Good ol' TechEBlog has been on a "Top X" binge as of late, but this one dealing with five wild and crazy ways to use you MacBook [Pro] is actually, you know, interesting. It's no secret that the Apple's MacBook line of notebooks tends to run a little on the warm side, so some brave soul took it upon himself to cook a hearty meal on top of a MacBook. Some of the other wacky uses have been noted by us here in the past as well, including the ever popular MacSaber mod. If you're in the mood to read some truly funny stuff (...), don't be a stranger.

Top 5 Strangest MacBook Mods/Projects [TechEBlog]

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He's cooking on the back of a Macbook? Does it really get that hot or is her trying to install Windows?