Top Secret SR-71 Blackbird Flying Manual Declassified

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So, you read Brian Shul's description of the thrill to fly the SR-71 Blackbird in a real mission over Lybia, and now you want to try it yourself. Well, no problem! First, you need its top secret flying manual.


It's available online and it contains everything you need to fly this amazing beast, including how to get the maximum rater thrust:

Maximun rated thrust is obtained in afterburning by placing the throttle against the quadrant forward stop. the maximum afterburning uninstalled thrust of each engine at sea level, static condition, and standard day is 34,000 pounds. Takeoff thrust in maximum afterburner is illustrated in figure 1-3 at sea level pressure altitude. It shows the variation in thrust with ambient temperature and the effect of airspeed during the takeoff acceleration.


Great. Now you only need to steal the actual plane and a few tons of fuel. Godspeed! [SR-71 Manual via Jalopnik]

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double post. sam posted this yesterday