Torchwood Hits The Big Time?

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You may have noticed that the second season of alien-shagging show Torchwood was less saucy, and more mainstream, than the first. This was partly because the show aired "kid-friendly" versions of the episodes as repeats during primetime. But it was also due to the show's move from the digital-only channel BBC3 to the broadcast channel BBC2. And now the show is moving to BBC1, the BBC's flagship channel, and airing its five-part storyline "Children Of Earth" in primetime. How cozy will Jack and Ianto be allowed to get? "It's incredible" that Torchwood has risen from BBC3 to BBC2 to BBC1 in such a short time, says star John Barrowman in a new press release. (Even BBC2 is sort of a backwater in England, and only programs shown on BBC1 are seen as the BBC's most important programming.) The press release also says that the new slot will help introduce Torchwood to a new, wider audience. As we've reported previously, the five-episode Torchwood miniseries will appear over five consecutive days next Spring, at 9 PM every day. Barrowman and company have already done their first read-through of the first three scripts, which I believe are all written by series creator Russell T. Davies, and they start filming around Cardiff next week. (And the press release mentions Barrowman and his partner bought a house near Cardiff. How confident is that?) So how naughty will Torchwood season three be? Davies has a history of sneaking little sexy references into Doctor Who, which runs on BBC1 earlier in the day. Including a kiss between the Doctor and Jack in the first season finale. Also, 9 PM is considered a "watershed" for British TV, meaning anything that airs at 9 PM or later can be more adult than earlier programs. So my forecast: some gay kissing, a lot of innuendo, and maybe a tinge of nudity here and there. But don't expect the plots to be about sex with aliens or anything. This is Torchwood's chance to grab a much larger audience, and Davies won't want to blow it. [Wales Online]


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