Toshiba HD-A2: Loses Weight, Runs Faster

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Toshiba's first HD DVD player was a big letdown. It was slow, chunky, and did nothing to wow HD fans. Last week, Toshiba started shipping its second generation player, the HD-A2, which was supposed to be slimmer and load twice as fast as its predecessor. So, how did it fare?


Well, the folks at Home Theater Blog seem to like the new player. Not only does it cut the load time in half (it takes about 30 seconds to load a disc), but it's also a lot thinner and more modern-looking than the VCR-like HD-A1. The guys also seem to like the HD-A2's new, easier to use remote. Image quality, however, has remained pretty much the same, so I still wouldn't recommend buying one, though it's nice to see some improvements coming from the HD DVD camp.

Toshiba's HD-A2: First Impressions [via Home Theater Blog]

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