Your choices are limited when it comes to HD DVD players, but here's one more, the lowest-priced 1080p HD DVD player available yet, the Toshiba HD-A20. It's shipping today for $499, but don't let that fool you, we saw it on Amazon for $419, and that's with free shipping, too. Hey, you can get the lowest-end Toshiba player, the HD-A2 for $303.48.


So the latest HD DVD player ships; its price is lower, and the general price/tide for these HD players is lowering, too. There's one 1080p HD DVD player that's even cheaper—don't forget, if you're an Xbox 360 owner, you can get that outboard HD DVD player that hooks up to it for less than $200. But in the meantime, this $419 Toshiba HD-A20 is the best 1080p bet in town.

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