Toshiba Readying Both Android and Windows 7 Tablets, "SmartPad" Coming This October

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At a press conference celebrating 25 years of laptop-making, Mark Whittard, Managing Director of Toshiba Australia, concluded by showed off a prototype for the Toshiba SmartPad, a tablet he said would hit sometime around October of this year.

The suspiciously familiar looking prototype is one of several tablets Toshiba's preparing, relays PC Authority Australia, some of which will run Android and others Windows 7. Whittard didn't say which operating system the SmartPad would run.

There aren't too many details on any of them yet, really, though Whittard said that the SmartPad prototype sported HDMI and USB ports and was slated for a September/October launch. From the looks of things, in terms of design, it won't be too far a departure from the tablet status quo. [PC Authority AU]