Toshiba's Glasses-Less 3DTVs Will Hit the US in 40 and 50-Inch Sizes (Updated)

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Japan had the chance to buy Toshiba's GL1 3DTVs in December in 12 and 20-inch options, but the rest of the world will get the glasses-less 40 and 50-inch 3DTV models sometime this year, claims Reuters. Updated: Toshiba confirms!


Toshiba has confirmed, via a press release:

Las Vegas, 5th January 2011 – Toshiba today underlined its status as a leader in the field of consumer electronics innovation by announcing the commercial availability of glasses-free 3DTVs* with screens of more than 40'' (102cm) at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The first large screen 3DTV models featuring glasses-free technology are expected to be available within Europe in fiscal year 2011 (April 2011 – March 2012).

Toshiba will also be showcasing samples of even larger screen sizes at CES, including a prototype of the world's first glasses-free 3DTV in 65" (165cm) screen size, as well as a 56" (142cm) sample.

Expertise in engineering and design
Toshiba has been able to introduce the world's first glasses-free 3DTV thanks to its expertise in design and engineering. The company has a strong heritage in designing software algorithms and developing powerful consumer electronics processing technology to calculate multiple view points from stereoscopic images, as well the expertise to ensure exceptional picture quality on a large screen. The products for the European market will use Toshiba's powerful CEVO-Engine, which is able to provide the extremely high-calculation power needed to run glasses-free 3D technology on the TV's large screens.

The glasses-free 3DTV prototypes showcased at CES have a screen size of 56'' (142 cm) and 65'' (165 cm). To display high resolution glasses-free 3D images, both feature a LED-backlighted panel with a 4096 x 2160 pixel resolution (4k2k panel). The Toshiba Integral Imaging technology applied to its glasses-free 3DTVs works with multiple view points that enable the human brain to see 3D images, while also allowing for a wide viewing angle. Thanks to a sophisticated view point overlay technology, users can even move their heads whilst watching 3D content without compromising the 3D effect.

An announcement regarding the availability of Toshiba glasses-free 3DTVs will be made in due course.



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