Dear Delta, I just saw your touch-sensitive faucet. You call it "Pilar Touch-Activated Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet with ToucH2O Technology." I call it motherfaucet genius. This is how it works:

Just touch with any dry, clean part of your body to activate. Any clean body part will work. That simple. Touch to activate. Touch to deactivate. That. Is. It. Off with handles. Off with indicators. Off with any superfluous elements. Just capacitive touch built in the whole body, so you don't have to mess its metallic surface with your dirty, wet hands. And you can even detach the tip.


Geeneeus functionality, and perfect, minimalist design. Jon Ive and Dieter Rams probably have theirs already. As soon as I get $547 to throw away, I'll get mine. [Delta Faucet via Core77]

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