Tough Times Belt Puncher: Try the Recession Diet

Illustration for article titled Tough Times Belt Puncher: Try the Recession Diet

Taken literally, the idiom "tighten your belt" means it's time to cut back on your strict bacon diet in lean economic times. A recession diet calls for sacrifice—and this belt puncher can help.

The concept, developed by Brooklyn-based SONIC Design, utilizes a 3-disc adjustment mechanism to dial in the user's net income and estimated cost of living. The resulting calculation determines where the next hole in the belt will be punched. In other words, it's a physical representation of how much you need to save—in this case, the grocery bill is an ideal area to target. You could probably stand to lose a few pounds anyway. [Sonic Design via Core77 via Newlaunches]

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Usually cutting back the grocery bill results in weight GAIN since most cheap foods are fatty or strachy and fresh foods, especially fruits and veggies are very expensive, and even moreso in off growing season.