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Toyota Humanoid Robot Gives Asimo a Run For Its Money

Shown here is Toyota's running robot. At 7 km/h it's not going to win any wind sprints in the Olympics, but nevertheless this thing is airborne for 100ms between strides as it skirts across the floor (i.e. genuine running).


For comparison's sake, Honda's Asimo robot can only manage a meager 6 km/h. We assume Toyota was able to squeeze the extra kilometer per hour out of their robot with a strict training regimen and what can only be described as a mild dose of physical abuse—their robot can re-balance itself when pushed lightly, as you can see in the video.

Just don't get too pushy, young lady. Word on the street is these robot things are about ready to rise up and kill us all. [Jalopnik, YouTube via Smart Machines]


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