Toyota Releases $300 iPod Integration Kit For All Current-Model Cars

Illustration for article titled Toyota Releases $300 iPod Integration Kit For All Current-Model Cars

It's fantastic news for Toyota and Lexus owners, as the car company has just released an iPod adapter kit to directly link the player with your car's audio system. The kit fits into all current Toyotas and Lexuses and connects inside the glove box so you can control the iPod with your head unit (or steering wheel controls). The whole thing costs $300 (more than most iPods), and finally brings Toyota in line with GM, Ford, BMW, Mercedes and Audi in offering iPod integration. Toyota: happily being #1 by letting everyone else innovate beforehand. [Gizmag - Additional car expertise by Ray]

Update: Apparently this is a Toyota UK thing. Sorry for the confusion!

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A few years ago, I picked up a kit for my Prius that made the iPod look like a mini-disc changer: I had to use playlists, but I was able to use the screen to show the playlist and either the song title, artist, or album (you had to hit a control to cycle through the three).

It's a little hokey, but I'm always amazed at how often I'm hitting the audio button to remember what the name of the current song is. More to the point, I'm always surprised by how many times I catch myself either trying to hit a non-existant audio button or steering-wheel volume control in the *other* car, where all I have is a fake CD changer control for the iPod.

At least in the Prius, installation was pretty simple, if you had skinny hands and could reach behind the radio without pulling it out— I was able to do it with no tools in the parking lot at work.

(the kit was from a company called Vais)