Toyota's Magic Steering Wheel Will Take Over If You Have a Heart Attack

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Cars have already come such a long way since the Model-T days, but if you think Google's driverless cars were fancy, wait until you hear about Toyota's heart attack-detecting sensors, that will steer a car if you lose control.


The sensor-laden steering wheel has been shown off by Toyota over in Japan, where the focus is very much on safety. Sensors monitoring the driver's heartbeat will trigger a reaction in the car, and using cameras attached to the nose of a car, will detect is a crash is possible, and help steer the car away. While Toyota hasn't mentioned it, I'm sure it's also possible for the steering wheel to morph into a robot and administer CPR if needed, also. Or at the very least ring the emergency services. [Yahoo via MedGadget]

Image Credit: Tucker Leary