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Track Anything Anytime with This With GPS Locator and App

Illustration for article titled Track Anything Anytime with This With GPS Locator and App

The Garmin Tracker, along with the Garmin GTU 10, allows you to keep track of your kids and pets with real-time GPS tracking, navigation, and interactivity. However, though the app is free, the $200 device with service will cost you.


Garmin Tracker, released for iOS and Android, works by communicating through AT&T's network with the tracking device. It lets you see what you're keeping track of via your typical smartphone map app, giving you turn-by-turn directions to your precious whatevers should they be lost, in trouble, stolen, or in need of a ride. And with the bonus geofencing feature, you can create boundaries on the map for what you're keeping an eye on, letting you know when those boundaries are crossed with a notification email. And that $200 are only for the first year. After that, you'll need to pay $50 for every year you use the service. [via AppBrain]

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Can't you already do this with a cell phone that you get for FREE*?!?

That way, if your kid is somewhere you don't want him/her to be, you can CALL THEM!

(*with service.... just like this device)