Train Track Therapy Is The Latest Health Craze In Indonesia

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Indonesians are heading to railroad tracks seeking electric therapy for their chronic ailments. This idea comes from the tale of a paralyzed Chinese man who went to the tracks to commit suicide and was miraculously cured.


This story was retold hundreds of times and serves as inspiration for those who believe the railroad tracks are their panacea. The travel every day and lay across the rails seeking a cure for diabetes or high blood pressure.

Up to 50 people lay quietly while the electricity flows around them. They twitch when an electric surge from an approaching train pulses through their body. When the train nears, they jump up and lay back down once it passes. Despite the threat of arrest, these faithful remain committed to their therapy.

Railroad shock therapy may sound extreme, but it sure beats eating dung from sacred cows, another form of pseudo-medical treatment popular in Asia. [Medical Xpress]

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