Trapped On An Ice Planet With A Robot That's Freaking Out

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Robots in science fiction TV and movies either move super gracefully, or slowly and jerkily, as if their joints need to be oiled. But I've never seen a robot that moves like the helper robot in Tomo, a Sundance-winning short film: angrily and spamodically, like a drunk person throwing a fit. Despite the fact that Tomo's name means "friend," and he's there to help you, he looks like a robot you wouldn't want to get within a hundred yards of. Tomo is being made into a full-length feature film. Click through for details, and a clip from the original short.

You see that? He looks really pissed off and hyper, like he's on a meth kick. I really want to see the full-length Tomo now. Tomo, directed by Paul Catling, is about a guy who crashlands on a barren ice planet. His only hope of rescue is the emergency survival robot, or companion, called Tomo. The man is wary at first, but learns to trust the robot and finds friendship — and humanity — where he least expects it. And the director says it'll be an "unflinching" look at our future relationship with technology. [Quietearth, via Avery Guerra]