Travis on Maxim: Chocolate, Cellphone Tweaks

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Every Thursday you can hear me on the Covino & Rich Show on SIRIUS 108, Maxim Radio at 1:30pm. The show runs from 10am to 2pm with replays at 10pm, all eastern.

Today I touched on some cellphone hacking/protection techniques, and the LG Chocolate phone. We have beat the Chocolate like a dead horse in the past, so you can find all of our coverage here. Don't forget to check out what Mossberg thinks of the Chocolate.


For cellphone hacking/tweaking for beginners I would recommend the Spoofcard. It is pretty much a calling card that allows you to display any caller ID number on outgoing calls, therefore being able to gain access into voicemails and such. It also allows for more efficient prank calls, and even recording of said prank calls. This was the same product that recently got Paris Hilton busted, for hacking into Lindsey Lohan's voicemail. If you don't feel like paying the money for these Spoofcards, just hit *67 before dialing the number to hide your caller ID info.