Trigger Optics Headache-Preventing Sunglasses

So the gods have cursed you with headaches your whole life. Now, you can either suck it up and take the pain, pop pills every now and then or buy this pair of sunglasses that promise to "eliminate your headache pain immediately or even prevent it from starting." That's a pretty bold statement. Too bad there's little scientific evidence to back up the claim. Hmm, sounds familiar.

The sunglasses are from Trigger Optics and allegedly work by identifying the wave harmonics in light, the bad things that (allegedly) cause headaches, migraines, etc., and filtering them out. In that sense they're similar to everyday glasses that filter out UV rays, but, you know, for those evil wave harmonics. The sunglasses are so good that not only do they ease the pain associated with headaches, but actually prevent them from occurring in the first place.


The sunglasses, which were designed by Rick Cosby, a radio-frequency engineer, cost $80 and are available now.

Product Page [Trigger Optics via TechEBlog]


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