Anti-Migraine Machine: Just a Little Push and You'll Be Smiling

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Holy wow. You may not know this, but your faithful narrator, me, has migraines that would put a cow under. Every few weeks I get a real scorcher and have to lie down and wait for the pain fairy to cough me back out of her horrible, pressure fitted bowels. That said, there is some sort of device, called the TMS, which "interrupts the aura phase" of the migraine. The aura phase is the period where you kind of feel something coming on and some folks actually see stuff that ain't there like sparks, ninjas, and lightning.

"In our study sample, 69 percent of the TMS-related headaches reported to have either no or mild pain at the two-hour post-treatment point compared to 48 percent of the placebo group. In addition, 42 percent of the TMS-treated patients graded their headache response, without symptoms, as very good or excellent compared to 26 percent for the placebo group. These are very encouraging results."

Feel free to send this thing over to me, lads. I'll try her out. More as we find it.

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