Tron taggers, Spike assumes a Wookiee Life Debt on My Little Pony, plus Gotham Girls!

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This week in the world of cartoons we continue to traverse the desert that is holiday programming, but we do have new episodes of Tron: Uprising and MLP: Friendship is Magic, as well as a couple of throwback cartoons.


As always - minor spoilers ahead!

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic – "Spike at Your Service"

Every Brony's favorite little dragon, Spike, is hunted by some really cool looking wolves made of wood in this episode.

Applejack saves him in this clip, leading Spike to take on a Chewbacca-like role to fulfill his Noble Dragon Code.

Tron: Uprising – "Tagged"

In what will likely be one of the last episodes of the series, the Renegades attempt to garner the support of a pseudo-street team that is tagging the grid with the message "Tron Lives."

The next episode of Tron: Uprising, "State of Mind", airs this Sunday night at midnight in the Cinemax time slot on DisneyXD.

Adventure Time – "Pilot"

Not new by any means, but I'm really, really missing my weekly Adventure Time fix. Here is a short look at the original six minute pilot created by Ward and crew.


A keen ear can hear Finn called Pen in this first glimpse at Adventure Time.

Marvel Super Heroes: What The—?! – "The Perfect Combination "

Captain America (or Captain Depression-Era as Tony Stark zings him) and Iron Man vie for the opportunity to have Thor as their wing man.


Gotham Girls – "The Vault"

A short-lived web series from 2000 starring Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Batgirl, Catwoman and sometimes Zatanna, this great show also spawned a comic book series by DC featuring covers by Shane Glines.


This first episode features Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn annoying each other as they attempt to crack a diamond vault.

Top image courtesy of DisneyXD. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic airs Saturdays on The Hub. Tron: Uprising airs late on Sunday nights on DisneyXD. Enjoy the holidays.




Wouldn't go so far as to proclaim that "Tagged" was one of the last episodes, possibly or otherwise. The show has not been canceled, the production has merely been put on standby as they figure out what they intend for Tron 3. The move to the "Cinemax Time-slot" could have had more to do with the show being, perhaps, the most mature series on XD as well as being high on the list of DVR'd shows.

Remember, Uprising was supposed to tie into the Timeline of Tron Legacy as a prequel and even foreshadow things which would happen in the next film. However, word of mouth is their taking a...different approach with T3, and as such they might need to retool the show's plot/direction. Neither Elijah Wood nor Bruce Boxleitner have heard anything about Uprising being canceled. All they've said is production is on a 'break', which could mean anything other then "canceled."

Not trying to grasp at straws here, just wouldn't go so far as to proclaim it as having gone the way of "Firefly."