True Blood Goes Brokeback Coffin

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Think you've seen all the fangbanging True Blood has to offer? Think again, the third season is right around the corner, this June, and sexy details are already starting to leak out. Get ready for vamp/man love. Spoilers ahead!


In an interview with Sam Trammell, who plays the shapeshifting puppy and bartender Sam Merlotte, revealed a few eyebrow raising details.

When asked about the rumored Vampire Bill/Sam Merlotte sex scene, Sam only replied:

The cat is out of the bag. I can't say anything more than that… because people want to be surprised, but there is something that people will be talking about.

And bam — that's practically confirming it. And we say EXCELLENT. The more vamp sex with lovable stick-in-the-mud Bill, the better. But that's not all Sam revealed about the new season:

My biological family is a big part of my story line. There's some flashbacks to my past, and how I was able to stay afloat as a teenager on the streets, and some of the things I had to do. We really get deep. It's really good.

Sounds wonderful. While I'm not as invested in Sam's backstory as I am the general True Blood world-building, I think we can agree that any new True Blood is a good thing. And as for the sex fantasy, I think we all remember what happens to those that drink copious amounts of vampire blood. They always have much better dreams post-drink, not sure if this is where they are going, but I can't wait to see the role-playing. Just think of the possibilities for Bill: "May I call on you some tyyyme, my sunshine skinned barkeep? Your golden locks animate mah cold heart. You are my miracle. AND MYYYNE!"

UPDATE: P.S. Eric is evil.

Play them off, Keyboard Vampire Bill Cat...




I really don't need to see any Man on Vamp action, don't they have enough gay going with Lafayette?