Trump Learned How to Thread Tweets, But He Already Screwed It Up

President Trump greets visitors to the White House with his signature yell of approval (Photo by Aude Guerrucci-Pool/Getty Images)

Since he was elected president, Donald Trump has become a big believer in the multi-part tweet. But he never threaded his tweets to make sure that they all stayed together. Until today, that is. The only problem? He’s now threading tweets together that have nothing to do with each other.

A multi-tweet thread from the President, who just learned how to thread his tweets today, but is having trouble grasping the concept of why someone might thread tweets (Screenshot from Twitter)

For those of you unfamiliar with the world of the threaded tweet—and what a blessing that must be—all you do is take any of your own tweets, hit the reply button, delete your own username, and send the next tweet. And if you’d like to add a third and fourth, you just repeat the process, replying to your own tweets, and deleting the username. This will connect the tweets into a long chain.

As an example from my own timeline, I started one of the most horrible tweet threads of all time on July 6, 2015. I tweeted, “hard to believe there’s just 564 days until donald trump is sworn in as president of the united states.” I continued tweeting that countdown for the next year and a half, threading the tweets so that they stayed together as one long, obnoxious multi-part tweet.

While the tweet thread function has been around for a long time, Trump seems to have just learned how to do it today. But, again, the tweets don’t seem to have much to do with each other: The first tweet in the thread is a whiney and hilarious complaint about the media being “rude,” while the follow-up tweet is about Obamacare.


Previously, Trump has tweeted multi-part tweets by simply numbering them. Or, more commonly, just adding ellipses. For example, here’s a multi-part tweet that wasn’t threaded:


In the future, if you found any of those tweets in isolation, it might be difficult to discern what the rest of the thought might have been.


So congratulations to the president on learning how to thread tweets. But hopefully he figures out that threaded tweets are supposed to be related in some way to each other. For instance, the next time you want to say that President Obama wiretapped your phones, and then claim that lawyers should get involved, and then calling the ex-president bad and sick, that’s a great time to use threading.


Just hit us up if you’d like a tutorial. We here at Gizmodo are always happy to help serve our country if it lowers the chance of us literally going to war over your sloppy and legitimately dangerous tweet practices.

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