Unless you’re a model maker who works for Industrial Light & Magic, your skills at gluing bits of plastic together probably never turn out like this. But you don’t need skills to put this magnificent replica of the 2009 USS Enterprise on your fireplace mantle—just $7,000.

If 2015 was all about the return of Star Wars, 2016 will be for Trekkies since it marks the 50th anniversary of the original Star Trek TV series. This replica isn’t based on the original USS Enterprise that hit the airwaves back in 1966, though. It’s instead based on the 2009 J.J. Abrams Star Trek update, not that it makes this Enterprise any less desirable.

All of the replica’s details, including some 200 different lighting effects, many of them animated, are screen-accurate to the CG version seen in the film. And to show off your investment, it comes mounted on a mirror display base so it’s easy to stare in awe at the detailing underneath the 34-inch long replica as well.

So the question shouldn’t be, “can I afford to buy a$7,000 replica of the USS Enterprise?” You should instead be asking yourself, “does my house really need a new roof?” or “do my kids really need to go to college?”

[Quantum Mechanix via Geek Alerts]

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