Try the $100 OLPC Operating System at Home

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Thanks to the magic of VMWare and Parallels (which let you run other operating systems on top of your own), you can try the OLPC operating system without actually having to be a child in a Third World country. All you have to do is download a pre-configured image, change some settings, and you're set. Possible uses (besides as a prop when you play Angelina Jolie and the Adopted Child) are developing OLPC-specific software and web apps for the upcoming market. [UneasilySilence]



"...developing software for people who can't afford a proper laptop makes great business sense."

I'm not one for figures, but I know that the majority of the services I use are free and don't even cost money. Instead the products I use are open source, or freeware that is supposed to boost a particular software firm's reputation, or there are embedded ads so that they can make some money.

I really don't think that developing on the OLPC platform would be any less desirable than developing on a regular laptop for regular people who don't want to pay for anything anyway. In fact, the people who cant afford these laptops in 3rd world countries may not be as familiar with the "i'll find it free somewhere" attitude and may be more apt to purchase software. kind of how your grandma might pay 100 euros for that outlook plugin if it promises to make getting emails from grandchildren easier.