TryPhone Lets You Sample Cellphone UI Without Buying

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Curious about how that new phone works? Check out, the site that takes screenshots of just about possible screen and ties it to button presses on the virtual keyboard. In the case of the iPhone, you get to feel what it's like to press all the buttons, but you won't be able to do stuff like multi-touch or sliding gestures. It's a pretty great idea that'll let your parents know what it is they're getting into before you have to go and spend your Xmas teaching them how to use that new BlackBerry Pearl. [Tryphone via Uber Gizmo]


If this catches on, it will be the death knell for Windows Mobile. THANK GOD!

I have a tmobile dash and am amazed at how difficult it is to do pretty much anything on the phone. Nothing works like you think it would. I'd like an iphone refuse to move to Death Star because Tmobile has been so awesome. Poor me.