Illustration for article titled TSA Forces Cancer Survivor Flight Attendant to Pull Out Prosthetic Breast During Patdown

Flight attendant and cancer survivor Cathy Bossi goes through a body scanner, despite not wanting to expose herself to radiation. She's taken back to a screening area for further examination. A TSA agent gropes her and asks, "What is this?"


When Bossi tells the agent "It's my prosthesis because I've had breast cancer," the agent replies, "Well, you'll need to show me that." Bossi is forced to remove the prosthesis from her bra and show it to the agent.

The TSA told WBTV, who reported the incident, that agents aren't allowed to remove prosthetics themselves, but they are allowed to "ask to see and touch" any passenger's prosthetic.


Bossi, a veteran flight attendant of 32 years, was just trying to go to work. A banner week for the TSA.

Update: MSNBC has more stories from other breast cancer survivors who say they were "humiliated" by the TSA during security screenings.

Read the full story here: [WBTV via Daring Fireball, Photo: AP]


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