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TuneWiki for Android Cupcake Blips Your Playlist to Twitter and Facebook

Illustration for article titled TuneWiki for Android Cupcake Blips Your Playlist to Twitter and Facebook

There's a new version of TuneWiki for Android Cupcake, and it looks like a pretty solid update: The Blip feature burps your current playlist to Facebook and/or Twitter, and there's a new Android homescreen widget for faster, more direct player access. You can also pay $5 for no ads.

TuneWiki Introduces Social Blip Technology with New Android Cupcake Release

TuneWiki's Social Music Player App for Latest Google Phone Offers Worldwide Connectivity in Music and Lyrics through Facebook, Twitter and Email

(San Francisco, CA) May 20th, 2009-TuneWiki, the next generation social media music player, today announced its new app for Google's Android 1.5, Cupcake. This new version of the app features Blip technology for increased social connectivity, offering to post the user's current song on their Twitter or Facebook profile. The new social media capabilities come in addition to earlier TuneWiki versions, promoting a social network that allows users to add, edit and subtitle lyrics for audio and video files in all languages. This new version of TuneWiki is the most advanced and comprehensive social media music player compatible with Cupcake available today. Features found only in the Cupcake version include a home screen widget, allowing users to control TuneWiki without having to launch the full player, and the ability to organize and access different parts of their music collection directly from the home screen through live folders. TuneWiki for Cupcake is Bluetooth compatible and can be upgraded to an ad-free version for $4.99.

Features Include:
• Blip technology to update Facebook and Twitter with current playlist selection
• Android Home Screen widget
• Bluetooth wireless compatible
• Free Ad-Supported or Ad-free version available for $4.99
• Interactive Music Maps showing what other users are listening to around the globe
• Lyric subtitling for both audio and video, including the option to translate lyrics into 40+ languages



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Random, only slightly on-topic questions: What's the default Android music/video "Player" like? I've never messed around with it (the OS) but I'm thinking of getting an Android phone once one of the new ones drop (mostly because of its semi open-source nature). Anyone have any good/bad reviews on the included player? Is there an included player?