Here’s a great way to enrage the Apple fans in your life whom put all of the company’s creations on a pedestal. Imgur user hahabird converted the shell from a classic 1986 Macintosh Plus into a garbage can, complete with a spring-loaded screen flap.

Don’t start flipping out because someone destroyed a perfectly good retro Mac, though. hahabird started with an empty shell of the classic computer which he’d bought from a surplus sale a decade ago—it was DOA to begin with.

But the trash can did require some extensive modifications, as outlined in this Imgur gallery of the build. For example, the screen that serves as the can’s flap is actually just a piece of shiny acrylic plastic that was heated and gently warped to look like the curved CRT display of the old Mac. Spring-loaded hinges keep the flap closed. A clever ruse, and a convincing recreation.


[Imgur via GeekWire]