In a survival situation, with enough determination you could probably chop down an entire tree with the Leatherman multi-tool on your belt. But the effort required would certainly leave you exhausted and unable to fight off bears. That's why the Klax multi-tool seems like such a better solution, as it can turn almost any old stick into a weapon of ash destruction.


For outdoors types determined to travel light, the flat-packing Klax easily fits inside a backpack—or even a back pocket. And if you're confident you can find a tree branch of sufficient thickness, you can even leave its wooden handle at home and just rely on the Klax's built-in clamping system.

In addition to functioning as an ax blade, the Klax also serves as a hammer head, a hex wrench set, a quarter-inch bit drive socket, a bottle opener, and a ruler. And if you've watched too many lumberjack challenges, it could even serve as a handy throwing weapon, in a pinch. Except, you know, probably don't?

Available sometime in September if it has a successful production run after raising well over $15,000 on Kickstarter, the KLAX will be available in three different flavors ranging in price from $115 to $160 depending on how much additional functionality you want out of it. And if Titanium's your thing, there's even a $550 version of the Klax if you need to travel extra light for an upcoming spaceflight, but want to be prepared for anything. [Klecker Knives via Gizmag]


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