Turn Classic Literature Into an iPhone Charging Dock

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Etsy member inbook has developed a decorative charging stand that merges two of our favorite things - our iPhone and classic literature.

The charging stand takes a cloth-covered hardbound book and adds an integrated iPhone charging cable. It's done so discreetly you would never even know it was a charging dock. The bulk of cord is hidden inside the book and the charging port can be placed in several locations to maintain a low-profile look. The dock uses Apple's standard 30-pin connector and is compatible with all current generation hardware. [Etsy via LikeCool]

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Great way to break your plug or phone. The 30-pin connector isn't designed to support the phone by itself. If you bump the phone or decide to start tapping things on the screen, the phone is going to flop over taking half of the connector with it.

Docks are designed to cradle the phone as it sits on the plug. The advantage of a cradling dock is that the phone can be angled back, so you can actually see it when it sits on a table or desk, you can also use the phone, and there's no danger of the phone flopping over and breaking the connector.