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Turn Your Book into This Lamp's Roof (And Save Your Spot)

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

You could fold the page's corner, stick in a tacky bookmark, or just throw your latest read to the floor in frustration—or, you could park it atop this lovely lamp. Reading progress, saved (and illuminated).


The Book Rest Lamp, from edgy design firm Suck UK (their creations do not!) is a nice piece of work, the function of which is almost obscured by the fact that it's so pretty. But if you think about using it, you'll understand why it's so well designed—you keep your lamp next to your bed anyway, but all it does is shine at you while you read. Your book of the moment usually just ends up somewhere nearby. But the Book Rest Lamp uses two objects that normally orbit one another in use (the book read and the light making the reading possible) and allow them to compliment each other aesthetically. The lamp looks like a little house! Adorable—and when you're ready to start reading again, the spot you left off at is right there on the roof. [Suck UK via Curated]