Turn Your Favorite Pen Into a Stylus With This Stretchy Rubber Wrap

Your finger works just fine as your body's built-in stylus, but sometimes—like when checking Twitter while eating wings—you'd rather not touch your screen with your filthy digits. It's those times when carrying a stylus is perfectly justified, and with the clever rubber StretchWrite, you can just use your favorite pen to poke away at your device's touchscreen.


Like a prophylactic that's designed to protect your device's display from scratches, the StretchWrite—sold in pairs for just $10—simply stretches over the length of your pen or pencil, adding a soft rubber nub on the bottom that can interact with a touchscreen. The other end features a hole allowing the business end of your writing utensil to stick through and still write, and as an added bonus those of you with sweaty palms should appreciate the extra grip the StretchWrite provides. [Felix via The Red Ferret Journal]

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