You might remember that last year we were dazzled by Philips' Wi-Fi controlled LED bulbs that you can set to any imaginable color with a smartphone. Warm, cool, whatever lighting you want, using only an app. Rad, man. Now, Philips is introducing two new lighting options into its Hue product line so you can fine-tune your living room's stoner chic ambiance even further.


The first addition is the LivingColors Bloom, a portable, wide mouthed lamp fixture, which previously existed as a non-Hue product. It costs $80. The other is LightStrips, which are thin, 6.6-foot bands of light that stick to you wall with adhesive backing. Both products will be available at the Apple Store on Thursday.

Like Hue, the lights can be set to any of 16 million colors using a simple slider in the Hue smartphone app's interface. The app is available for both iOS and Android. Unlike the original Hue bulb, these lights are meant to be accents so they don't go all the way to white. But with 16 million options, what fun is plain old normal anyway?

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