Here’s a harsh truth the country needs to hear: turkey is actually the worst part of your Thanksgiving meal. It’s bland, it’s often dry, and it takes up valuable space in the oven all day long. There’s an easy fix, however, that doesn’t involve brining or frying. Just replace your bird with a giant turkey-shaped lollipop made from leftover Halloween candy.


Specifically, you’ll need to dig out all the Jolly Ranchers (which are always the last to get eaten anyways) and other hard candies that can be melted down into a molten state and poured into a turkey-shaped mould. That’s, admittedly, skipping over a few key steps like how to make a mould of a frozen bird. but a few Google searches will help you figure that out and make a Thanksgiving showstopper that will have all your guests feeling full of energy after dinner.


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