Turn Your TomTom Into Marge or Mr. Burns—Excellent!

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Homer Simpson has been available as a TomTom Voice Skin for a few years now, but other characters are finally getting their due as both Marge and Mr. Burns are now available to guide you to your destination.

While her samples sound pleasant enough, I can't imagine spending more than five minutes listening to Marge's raspy voice tell me where to turn, especially if I'm already lost and irritated. But Mr. Burns? I think I'd learn to appreciate his constant insults like "do it driving monkey!" and "yes, that's a good little peasant." After all, who am I to argue with a spry 104-year-old with more money than I'll ever see?

Both voice packs are available now from TomTom's site for $13 each, and are a good start for Simpsons fans. But I'm not going to be completely satisfied until the sarcastic commentary of the Comic Book Guy helps me get from point A to point B. [TomTom via Pocket-lint]

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OK you infernal ninny, if you can get it into your bug-addled brain, perhaps you can prepare yourself to rotate the tiller counterclockwise at the next intersection. Bah.