Turn Your Unused MicroSD Cards Into Invisible Extra MacBook Storage

Sticking an SSD drive inside the MacBook Air helped Apple create one of the sleekest laptops you can buy. The tradeoff was limited storage, since SSDs don't boast the same capacity as regular hard drives at any sort of sane price. Thankfully there's also an SD card slot you can use to boost your MBA's storage, but instead of grabbing one of those expensive trimmed SD cards to sit flush inside, consider Brando's cheap microSD adapter instead.

When inserted into your MacBook Air the adapter sits almost completely flush to the edge, with just enough of a lip to make it easy to remove. And it's just $10, since it comes without any storage, but there's a good chance you've already got a couple of unused microSD cards floating around anyways. If you don't, for around $30 you can buy a 64GB microSD card which is a pretty cheap way to boost your MBA's storage, without burdening yourself with an external drive. [Brando via The Gadgeteer]


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