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TV This Week: Sarah Connor's Last Stand!

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The biggest thing on TV this week is tonight's two-hour season finale for Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles — which may also be a series finale unless the show manages to bring a few million more viewers back in time. But there are also new episodes of Lost, Kyle XY, Stargate: Atlantis and Torchwood... plus some other special programming. Click through for preview clips!

Tonight, there's a new episode of the family-friendly superteen show Kyle XY at 8 PM on ABC Family. Kyle and his adoptive brother Josh get caught up in a nasty cheating scandal at school. There will probably be some kind of heart-warming lesson. And Jessi keeps trying to expand her freaky powers.


Also tonight at 8 PM, the final two episodes of the Terminator TV spinoff Sarah Connor Chronicles season one air on Fox. Cromartie, the Terminator who followed Sarah and John forward in time, closes in on them. And there's some drama about Summer Glau being a freakin' big liar, and a sinister new traffic light system, judging from these preview clips:

Tuesday, there's a new episode of post-apocalyptic Kansas drama Jericho at 10 PM. It pretty much picks up where last week's episode left off, with a mysterious caller who claims to be on Hawkins' side. Plus someone is embezzling from Jennings & Rall, and Goetz the Ravenwood thug is still acting as though he's above the law.


In movies, early Tuesday morning Encore has Ultraviolet at 1:30, and Space Jam at 4:30 AM. Two movies totally worth staying up all night for. Space Jam also airs at 8 PM, followed by Mission to Mars at 10 PM. And TMC has The Truman Show at 8 PM.

Wednesday, there's a new UFO Hunters on the History Channel at 10 PM. With a title like "Cops vs. UFOs," how can you not be excited? My money is on the UFOs, unless the cops have tasers. Or if Robocop shows up. There's also a rerun of Futureweapons on the Discovery channel at 8 PM.

In movies, AMC has Terminator 2 at 8 PM, in case you need to refresh your memory about the plot points the Sarah Connor Chronicles keeps harking back to.

Thursday is all about a new Juliet-centric Lost at 9 PM on ABC. Those island castaways should have learned by now not to trust any freaky strangers they come across... even if they have really cute hair. Which almost everybody on this show does, except maybe that Farraday guy. Expect some forward movement in the Jack/Juliet flirtation, and some head-thumping, judging from these new preview clips:
The CW has a Smallville rerun at 8 PM. And in movies, early Thursday morning, Encore has Edward Scissorhands at 5 AM. And IFC has Human Nature at 8:45 PM, in case you just saw Be Kind, Rewind and want to dip into the earlier glories of Michel Gondry. The Sci Fi Channel has Stargate (the actual original movie that spawned a zillion TV episodes) at 9 PM.


Friday at 10 PM, you can apply all the Stargate knowledge you gained from the movie to watching a new Stargate: Atlantis on the Sci Fi Channel. A time-travel disaster has stranded one of our heroes 40,000 years in the future... and it hasn't been a particularly great 40,000 years, according to a message his team-mates left behind for him. (Although, has there ever really been a just totally awesome 40,000 years? With no shitty moments in there somewhere?)

Saturday, BBC America has a new Torchwood at 6 and 9 PM. A major character died at the end of the previous episode... which means it's time for some random crotch-groping and necrophilia jokes. Oh, and projectile vomiting. Because this is the sophisticated spin-off from Doctor Who.


And in movies, TNT has the criminally underrated Judge Dredd at noon.


Sunday at 8 PM, the Cartoon Network has a new Ben Ten, a show I have never seen. Here's the official description: "Ben, Gwen and Max battle the Forever King, who has assembled a team of villains to steal a powerful energy source from a plumber base at Mt. Rushmore."