TV's Frank From MST3K Masquerades As Studio Executive

Although it's been more than a decade since TV's Frank (Frank Conniff) appeared on Mystery Science Theater 3000, it's hard to mistake his white hair and baritone voice in this parody video showing us the other side of the Writer's Guild Strike: the poor, suffering studio executives. Besides playing what looks like a chubbier version of Producer Robert Evans, where has one of the best second bananas to a mad scientist been?

Apparently he's been fairly busy, having served as a writer and performer on Sabrina, The Teeange Witch and the brilliant but canceled Invader Zim on Nickelodeon. But fear not, because he'll be rejoining MST3K cast members Joel Hogsdon, Trace "Crow " Beaulieu, J. Elvis "Tom Servo" Weinstein, and Mary Jo Pehl for "Cinematic Titanic," which sounds like a lot like MST3K Version 2.0, minus the robots and the mads.